If you are a Care Assistant or Senior Care Assistant wanting to take the next steps in care, the CHAP programme may just be for you. You can gain valuable new skills, working alongside our nursing team to make a difference to those we care for.

You can see and apply for our current CHAP vacancies here

The CHAPs role

The role of a CHAP is to provide care and clinical support to nursing residents under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.

CHAPs are involved with administering medications, care plans, wound care, clinical observations and much more.

The CHAP role is hugely valuable to our residents, nursing team and the effective operation of the home. Our CHAPs not only have an excellent understanding of our residents’ clinical and care needs, but also their likes and dislikes, their life history, their personality and their aspirations.

The enhanced skill set of a CHAP contributes greatly to the nursing team and enables our team members to use their time and skills to meet resident needs most effectively. This extra level of support can also enhance safety and reduce risk.

We are passionate about delivering person-centred care to our residents and our CHAPs play a crucial part in delivering this.

The CHAPs Training programme

The CHAPs programme involves 12 weeks of extensive training and competency assessments supported by a Nurse Mentor, The Home Manager and the Learning & Development Team. The programme is designed to train and develop Care Assistants and Senior Care Assistants to work in a supporting role alongside our Registered Nurses to deliver exceptional person-centred care to our nursing residents.

It’s a blended programme with face-to-face and virtual training, eLearning, mentoring and competency assessments covering a wide range of topics including:

  • Clinical Observations
  • Tissue viability & pressure relief
  • Wound Care
  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Administration of Medication
  • End of Life / Palliative Care
  • And much more

Once our trainees have completed all elements of the CHAPs programme successfully, they will step into their CHAP uniform and begin working in their new role.

How can someone apply to become a CHAP?

To be considered for the CHAP role and development programme, applicants will need relevant experience in the care sector, a record of excellent working conduct, passion and commitment for the role and care setting, outstanding communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to multi-task in a high-pressure environment with care and compassion at all times.

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