Tell us about your career path since joining the company.

I started as a Registered Nurse and in November 2021 I became a Clinical Deputy Manager. 

What do you enjoy the most about nursing in a Four Seasons Group care home?

I like that my colleagues and the management are supportive and helpful. Also, my role challenges me in a positive way, enabling me to develop my skills as a nurse.

Why were you interested in nursing in a care home setting?

I love building relationships and rapport with residents, so nursing in a care home is great as it allows me to get to know our residents very well.

By nursing at Victoria Care Home, I feel it’s enabled me to be a good nurse and make a difference in the home.

How did your role as a Registered Nurse help you to progress to the Deputy Manager position?

Being a Registered Nurse at Victoria Care Home has helped me to progress to the Deputy Manager position. Nursing is a learning process and we learn and discover things every day.

As a Registered Nurse, I have learnt that hard work, effective communication, teamwork, resilience and a well-organised approach are important in leading a team every shift.

Having good relationship with residents and the team is essential in order to have a good working environment and to grow more.

Having the right support, training and knowledge about my work helped me to perform well at work. My Home Manager and the company have been very supportive since I started as an Overseas Nurse.

What are your key tasks and responsibilities within your current role?

I work closely with the Home Manager doing key tasks in the home, such as rotas, audits, team training and implement care home policies around standards of care and staff welfare.

It’s also my responsibility to deputise in the overall management of the care home including production of reports, budgets and quality of life monitoring.

What does a typical day look like for you?

As a Clinical Deputy Manager, I have supernumerary days and days working as Nurse in Charge for the shift. Being in supernumerary, I work closely with our lovely Home Manager, we have a diary of our tasks to do daily, weekly, monthly, annually. I usually open my diary and check what is due on the day, such as  meetings, reports, audits, rotas, etc.

I’ll also chat with the team and residents and help the team when needed on the floor as a Nurse in Charge. This involves completing tasks such as processing the medications, helping with the personal care, care plan reviews, etc.

I’ll also do walkabouts making sure residents and the team are safe and the unit is clean. Then I’ll address anything that arises like incidents.

What excites you about working here?

I love working here because the working environment is really nice and happy. Our Home Manager is really supportive to all the team members and she empowers the team.

Our team members really get on and they work well together under pressure. The atmosphere is really pleasant. I can say that we have got a great team!

Describe working here in one word.