What do you enjoy about working for Four Seasons Health Care Group?

I can focus on my professional goals and work with some exceptional people who are also passionate about the company and its direction.

What do you enjoy about being Head of Payroll?

Everyone in my team shares the same goal which is paying people accurately and on time.  My work is varied as legislation changes constantly and there are always new initiatives or systems to be implemented or updated.

How would you describe the culture?

Friendly, motivational but also challenging.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My typical day revolves around the process and payment of wages to our colleagues and reacting to day to day queries that arise whist doing this whilst continually keeping up to date with current legislation.

How does the role that you do make you feel?

I feel I have an opportunity to contribute to the changing face of Four Seasons Health Care Group. I am passionate about my role and it makes me feel good at the end of the week knowing we have paid our colleagues.

What did you do prior to joining Four Seasons Health Care Group?

Prior to working for Four Seasons Health Care Group I was Payroll Manager for AMEC and Bannatyne Fitness Limited, I also did a stint working for a payroll software company as a Payroll Implementations Manager.  I have worked in payroll in some capacity for over 37 years. I did dip my toe into HR for a few years but missed the payroll life!

Why are you proud to work here?

I am proud of my payroll team who always go the extra mile to help out colleagues and ensure all work is completed as effectively as possible. My work gives me a sense of pride ensuring that we pay our colleagues accurately and on time but also solving issues quickly and effectively where we can.

Describe working here, in one word.

Challenging (but in a good way).

Why would someone want to work here?

To work in fast-paced department where things are constantly changing therefore you are continually learning and improving but also working alongside a good bunch of people within the teams.