What do you enjoy about working here? What’s the best thing about working here?

I enjoy working here because it a very dynamic environment. Everyday there is something different.

What do you enjoy about being a Home Administrator at Four Seasons Heath Care Group?

I enjoy being a home administrator because every day is a challenge and therefore I can learn something new.

How would you describe the culture?

I find the culture here friendly, fun and professional.

What does a typical day look like for you?

On a typical day I'm making sure the home runs like clockwork.

What excites you about working here? / What makes working here interesting? / How does the role that you do make you feel?

The opportunity of doing something different each day excites me. I feel very proud working for Four Seasons Heath Care Group.

What did you do prior to joining Four Seasons Heath Care Group? / Why did you join us?

At my previous job I ran a boutique hotel in the New Forest. I joined Four Seasons Heath Care Group to progress my career.

What do your peers think of you? How do they perceive you and what you do?

I have a good relationship with my colleagues. I think they appreciate that my door is always open. They find me friendly, helpful, professional and well organised.

Working as a Home Administrator what makes you feel empowered?

The responsibility of payroll and finances makes me feel empowered.

How do you want to progress and grow? What progression opportunities are available for you?

The company is supporting me to complete the Business Administration level 3 course.

Does your work give you a sense of pride – why is that? Why are you proud to work here?

I feel my job has an important role to play in the community by looking after the most vulnerable people.

Tell us about the rewards and benefits? What rewards and benefits do you get working here?

I benefit from discounts through the Hapi app and as a health care worker, I benefit from the Blue Light discounts.

Describe working here, in one word.

My work in one word is: Rewarding.

Why would someone want to work here?

There are many opportunities to build a career within the company.

What does Four Seasons Heath Care Group do for the community? What do we give back to the community?

We are entrusted by the families of their loved ones to give them the best life.