What do you enjoy about working for Four Seasons Health Care Group?

I enjoy the people and being part of a progressive team.

What do you enjoy about being a Home Manager at Four Seasons Health Care Group?

I enjoy being able to support my colleagues to progress in their careers along with the ability to actively contribute to the residents wellbeing.

How would you describe the culture?

An open honest, respectful caring environment for residents & colleagues.

What does a typical day look like for you?

There are no two days the same, each day brings its own challenges and rewards.

What excites you about working for the company?

I enjoy working with like-minded people who are pro-active and progressive in their approach to their duties the business and care of the residents.

What did you do prior to joining Four Seasons Health Care Group?

Previously I was employed within the hospital environment in various nursing roles.  I joined Four Seasons Health Care Group with the thought of joining a business that would allow me to grow and move on a personal and professional basis.

What do your peers think of you? How do they perceive you and what you do?

I believe that my immediate peer group thinks that I am a knowledgeable team member we all have a mutual respect for each other’s roles to enable overall achievement of objectives. I believe that as I have progressed through promotions to various roles within the business my peers have grown with me and supported me along the way to ensure we move as one to enable us to be a strong stable team.

Working as a Nurse Home Manager, what makes you feel empowered?

I am particularly passionate about having autonomy to make decisions that will ultimately have a positive effect on a daily, weekly & forever basis on my staff and my residents to ensure there is sufficient opportunities for growth of team and comfort of residents.

How do you want to progress and grow?

I do not solely view progression in terms of moving on to other job roles but at the present time am viewing progression in terms of enabling myself to achieve more for the people I work with and support on a daily basis. I would like to complete my journey in my current job role and end with no stone unturned and make Evedale the “go to” home for everyone looking for care in the surrounding areas.

Does your work give you a sense of pride – why is that?

I have always taken great pride in my roles from being a student nurse to Home Manager.  I actively promote daily reflection to the team and myself to allow for growth and change and better practice. This increases all feeling of pride working in a sector that is challenging & rewarding in equal measures.

Describe working here, in one word.


Why would someone want to work here?

It is a stable and progressive company with many changes and good things to come.