What do you enjoy about being a Four Seasons Health Care Group Nurse?

I enjoy working as a nurse here because of the continuous support I receive from my previous and current managers. Before I was doing something completely different, I was a neonatal IC nurse taking care of new-borns, so working in a care home was a big adjustment for me especially as I now had to deal with dementia.

I love getting feedback from my residents; I know I’m doing a good job! Working here is my passion, I never thought that I would be taking care of the elderly, but ever since I started, I have received so much support and everyone has welcomed me and treated me like their family.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day is different, but I start with the medication, treating residents, making sure they are safe and that their needs are met. Then of course supervise, lead and inspire the team. 

It's always fulfilling going home knowing you've done your best and you've received positive feedback from residents.

What excites you about working here?

When I see my residents – I appreciate them so much and they appreciate me back. Coming from the Philippines, the resident and my team have really made me feel at home by treating me like their family.

Also seeing my team and knowing their doing their best every day really excites me. Lastly, the opportunity that the company has given to me has been exciting.

What progression opportunities are there for you?

I have progressed as much as I wanted to from being a Registered Nurse to now being a Clinical Deputy Manager… that’s a lot of progression! I am really thankful to the Group for giving me this opportunity.

Now I’m not just leading one unit, I’m helping the Home Manager to lead the whole home – which is a very big responsibility but I have lots of support and I am really grateful.

Describe working here in one word.


What does Four Seasons Health Care Group do for the community?

By providing a safe haven, supporting friends and family members of our residents and holding a position of trust.