What do you enjoy about working for Four Seasons Health Care Group?

I enjoy working here because I feel appreciated and the management is very supportive and empowering. I feel privileged to be able to improve the resident's quality of life and to be there for them when they are at need. Their smile is my greatest reward and it makes me feel proud of myself.

What do you enjoy about being a Nurse with the company?

I love the fact that not two days are the same, it helps me develop my knowledge and skills.

How would you describe the culture?

I would describe it as being positive, trusting and accepting.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I start by taking the handover from the night team, I make sure the residents are safe, then I administer the medication to the residents. I update care plans, liaise with other professionals, attend meetings and I also support and mentor the new team members.

What excites you about working here?

It is interesting to work in a homely environment, it feels like coming to my second home. Also it feels great to be part of such a caring, supportive and skilled team.

What did you do prior to joining Four Seasons Health Care Group?

I worked as a registered general nurse in a nursing home. I joined Four Seasons Health Care Group because I needed an opportunity to progress in my career.

Working as a Clinical Lead, what makes you feel empowered?

The fact that my views are listened to and valued.

What progression opportunities are there for you?

I would like to continue to progress in my career. I was promoted to the Clinical Lead position after one year of working for Four Seasons Health Care Group. There are plenty of opportunities and support.

Describe working here in one word.


What does Four Seasons Health Care Group do for the community?

By providing a safe haven, supporting friends and family members of our residents and holding a position of trust.