What do you like most about Flexibank?

Flexibank ensures the Nurses and Care Assistants are trained to company standards. It’s also a reliable service and has a quick and easy booking system.

How does Flexibank differ from other agencies?

Flexibank workers have proven to be more reliable than individuals from other agencies.

How has Flexibank benefitted your home?

We currently have Nurse vacancies and Flexibank has been a great way to cover these positions and we have occasionally used this service to cover Care Assistant shifts. By utilising Flexibank we have benefitted from continuity of care due to being allocated the same Nurses.

Does having Flexibank also benefit your wider team and the residents? If yes, please describe how.

Flexibank team members are part of the Four Seasons Health Care Group, which means they take time to get to know the residents and team. Residents also benefit from continuity of care.

What training did you and your team receive to use Flexibank?

We didn’t need training as the booking system is very straightforward and easy to use!

Who posts the shifts in your home?

Myself and the Administrator.

What roles and shifts do you most frequently advertise?


Do you find adding shifts onto the system easy? How long does it take?

A few seconds!

Do you easily fill your shifts? How quickly do you get a response?

Yes we successfully fill our shifts and often we get an immediate response to our postings.

Are there any challenges with using Flexibank?

There aren’t enough Nurses to cover all vacancies so we still have to use agency Nurses as well.