Pos Category Description


Home support


There is a wide range of support roles within each of our care homes, which require a variety of skills:

  • Care Home Management

    One of our key roles is our Care Home Manager. In this role, you will have the responsibility of leading the team in the home and delivering the very best quality care through exceptional management. It is a well-supported and highly valued position that requires a dynamic approach and gives individuals a great opportunity to develop leadership and operational skills.

  • Administration

    As an Administrator in one of our care homes, you are one of the first people to welcome our families and residents and play an important role in helping with the day-to-day administration of the home. Other important duties include processing payroll and collecting resident fees as well as supporting them with their personal monies; supporting the manager and the rest of the team as well as liaising with families and visitors and providing a positive and friendly first point of contact.

  • Magic Moments Coordinator

    We know that physical and mental wellbeing is important to a person’s health. Our Magic Moments Programme is designed to keep the mind, body and soul active. As a Magic Moments Coordinator, you will play an important role in contributing to the spirit and life of the home by creating events and activities for everyone as well as personalising activities and supporting the hobbies and interests of our residents.

  • Housekeeping & Maintenance

    A safe, clean and comfortable home is essential for our residents and makes their stay with us feel special. Our housekeeping and maintenance teams help us achieve this by maintaining high environmental standards in all our homes, as well as providing residents with clean, well presented clothes from our onsite laundries. You'll contribute towards creating homely surroundings - that are clean, not clinical - and welcoming, attractive grounds and communal areas for everyone to enjoy.